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After a thorough house cleaning session, you may feel satisfied that your home is clean and free of harmful germs and bacteria. If you didn’t have your mattress professionally cleaned, you would be wrong, however.

Every night, your body produces half a liter of sweat and sheds around a gram of skin cells, providing food for around two million dust mites and bacteria. An online image search of dust mites may be enough to convince you that they are bad news. If you were to take your mattress for sampling, you might also find that you share your bed with a staggering number of fungal spores every night.

Unfortunately, your mattress contains much more than bacteria, mites, and fungal spores. Allergens like dust particles, pollen, pet dander, and mold are also trapped in the fibers. Harmful particles that accumulate in your mattress can quickly become airborne and affect the quality of your indoor air as well.

The potential health issues that you and your family may be facing as a result of inhaling these contaminants every night include allergies, asthma, respiratory disease, and nasal stuffiness. If you or someone in your family regularly struggles with skin, throat, or eye irritation, chances are that the source is a dirty mattress.


Professional Cleaning Service


The good news is that you don’t have to buy a new bed every season. Carpet Cleaner Scarborough provides a professional mattress cleaning service to rid your mattress entirely of biological contaminants and allergens.

When cleaning a mattress, we generally follow a four-step process. First, we vacuum your mattress with industrial equipment that has a clean upholstery attachment to get rid of skin cells, dust, and other allergen particles.

Then, we deodorize the mattress to get rid of the odors caused by dead skin cells, sweat, and bodily oil. After deodorizing your bedding, we clean your mattress thoroughly to remove stains from bodily fluids like blood and sweat that may be a source of food for parasites.

The final step is to give your mattress a thorough steam cleaning to neutralize allergens. We follow a proper steam cleaning method to extract all moisture and damp and eliminate the risk of mold growth.

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We recommend that you have the mattresses in your home cleaned at least once every six months. Contact us today to ensure that your mattresses smell fresh and are free from harmful pollutants.


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